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Best of 2019

Another slow year was 2019, but I think I’ve got some good quality images here.

Upper Dells Boat Tour, October 2022

Photos from a wonderful boat tour guided by operatic tenor Greg Fedderly

Timbavati Wildlife Park, October 2022

Flickr album of photos from our trip to Timbavati Wildlife Park in the Wisconsin Dells.

Best of 2010

Continuing my “Best of” series, here are some photos from 2010.

Best of 2009

First installment of going through photo archives year-by-year, starting with 2009 — the year I signed up for my Flickr account and got my Canon 50D SLR camera.

2021 Grand Lake, CO

Click the photo above to view the rest of the album.



Took a trip to San Francisco this summer both to attend VMWorld 2013 and to do some sight seeing. Here are a selection of photos from that trip. Click on each one for the full view. There are a lot more posted to my photo set on Flickr, so be sure to check those out as well.

Alcatraz 03


Walking Lunch

Marios Bohemian Cigar Bar.


On our recent trip to Chicago, we decided to spend a morning at the Chicago History Museum. Here are a few selected photos from that visit, with more available in the Flickr set.

Chicago History Fire Diorama

Diorama of the Great Chicago Fire

Chicago History Flintlock Rifle

Flintlock Rifle

Chicago History Movie Camera

Silent Movie Camera

I recommend putting this museum on your list of “must see places” in Chicago.