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Monthly Archives: November 2009

Went to the first Winter Market of 2009 and tried to take more photos of people. Here are a few of my fav’es.

Market Vendors 3

Market Vendors 4

Market Patrons 1Market Patrons 3

Click the fiery grill for the full set on Flickr.

Looking down

Inspired by Alton Brown’s most recent episode of Good Eats: The Once and Future Fish, I did a little research into eating sustainably produced and ethically caught seafood.

Alton’s episode referenced a project by the Monterey Bay Aquarium called This site keeps you up to date on which varieties of seafood you should enjoy and which you should avoid. Especially handy are the mobile-accessible resources including an iPhone app and mobile versions of their pocket guides (also available as regional PDF guides).

Most of the fish I enjoy are, thankfully, on The Super Green List, but a few were not. Most notably, I will no longer be ordering Unagi, which I used to enjoy at my favorite sushi joints.

The site makes clear that it is not only the type of seafood which is important, but also how it was raised and harvested. Due to stricter regulations, seafood farmed in the United States or harvested by U.S. flagged ships is often preferred. Wasteful harvesting practices in other parts of the world make it important for you to ask three important questions of your fishmonger or restaurateur:

  • What is the origin of the seafood?
  • Was it farm raised or wild caught?
  • If wild caught, what method was used?

That last question is especially important when it comes to protecting endangered species which tend to get accidentally caught while fishing for the target.

I could go on, but I’ll stop here with the hope that I’ve passed along my inspiration to you. Research your options and don’t be afraid to ask these important questions before you order!