Open Projects Group?

I had a funny idea the other day. Inspired by Make Magazine, Systm, Prototype This! and other sources, I thought it might be fun to organize a group of fellow geeks and hackers to work on various projects. I got as far as coming up with the following, very rough plan for organizing such a group:

  • Projects could be hardware, software, mechanical, practical, artistic, whimsical, or whatever.
  • All members would meet quarterly to brainstorm new projects, collaborate on current projects and help move stalled projects forward.
  • Members would split into project groups revolving around active projects. Each project group would determine how frequently they meet to progress their project.
  • There would be an annual project fair for presenting completed projects. This would be the deadline for completing projects. Projects presented at this event would be considered closed.

I have a few project ideas on which I’ve never acted. It would be nice to get a group together to help motivate me to take action on these ideas and provide some peer pressure to keep me focused on moving them forward. An Open Projects Group would provide this, I think.

Trouble is, I’ve got to find the motivation to move this idea forward. . .