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Best of 2012

The next in my Flick album “Best of” series for the year 2012. Click the image above to view the full album on Flickr.

Iowa State Fair 2022

Took the day off Friday, 12 August 2022, and visited the Iowa State Fair! Click the photo above to visit the album on Flicker.

Best of 2011

Next in the “Best of” photo album series is 2011.

Best of 2010

Continuing my “Best of” series, here are some photos from 2010.

Best of 2009

First installment of going through photo archives year-by-year, starting with 2009 — the year I signed up for my Flickr account and got my Canon 50D SLR camera.

Back Yard Wildlife June 2022

Adding a bird feeder to the back yard has ended up attracting all sorts of furred and feathered visitors!

2022 Galveston Texas

Click the photo above to view the rest of the album.

Adding photos to this album on Flickr as I process them, so check back for more photos later!

2021 Grand Lake, CO

Click the photo above to view the rest of the album.

Click the photo “Puppy Love” above to view the rest of the album.

Kansas City Loose Park 2021

While visiting Kansas City in March of 2021 to celebrate Lori’s birthday, we took a short walk from our rental house to visit Jacob L. Loose Park.