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100% my photos.

Kansas City Loose Park 2021

While visiting Kansas City in March of 2021 to celebrate Lori’s birthday, we took a short walk from our rental house to visit Jacob L. Loose Park.

Kansas City Zoo March 2021

We took a trip to Kansas City in March of 2021 to celebrate Lori’s birthday. The Kansas City Zoo was an excellent experience. We especially liked the Elephants and the Llamas.

2019 Grand Lake Colorado

Family trip to Grand Lake, CO in October of 2019 to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. We stayed at a nice little cabin overlooking Shadow Mountain Lake, which is connected to Grand Lake.

2019 Des Moines Concors d'Elegance

Walked around and took a lot of car photos at this event. I’ve uploaded a first set, but may add more to the album later.



Beans, unedited

White Dog, unedited

Family, unedited

Speckled Dog, unedited