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Tag Archives: fuck

Studying for LPI certification this evening, and I had a fit of whimsy whilst playing with regular expressions. Random thoughts passing through my head resulted in the following combination of “memes”:

  • Swear words in the linux kernel source code.
  • Britney Spears’ song, “If You Seek Amy.”

So I downloaded the source code (linux-source-2.6.28, Ubuntu), unzipped it and ran the following grep command against it:

grep -ri "<fuck me>" *

Amazingly, despite the prevalence of the just the swear word itself (33 variations including fuck, fucked, fucking, fucker, etc in 2.6.28) in the kernel, there was only one hit:

fs/binfmt_aout.c:               /* Fuck me plenty... */

So I guess a more apt title for this post is, “If you seek Amy Plenty.”