The Wiki Way: Final Thoughts

Nothing I’ve presented in this series has been particularly earth-shattering. Wikis are just another Web-based tool out there for collecting and presenting information. Wikis are well-suited for some types of data, ill-suited for others, and there is a huge gray space in between.

Some examples of well-suited purposes are:

  • Encyclopedias.
  • Reference manuals.
  • Infrastructure guides or references.
  • Collaborative writing or other creative projects.

Some examples of ill-suited purposes are:

  • Large databases with somewhat static or homogeneous formatted data.
  • Content Management System (though it could work, just not ideal).
  • Web log or blog.

With proper research and some time taken to think about your community and purpose, you may find that a Wiki fits the bill. Just keep in mind that it will become an on-going project requiring a fair amount of care, feeding and community cultivation. Be ready to dedicate the necessary time to get it off the ground.