Podcast Favorites: Coverville!

Sitting here wondering what I’m going to write for this blog next when it hits me (in my ears) — Coverville!

Even though I don’t listen to every single episode of this excellent podcast, I’m going to put it at the top of my list as my favorite. How is that possible? Brian Ibbott pumps out several 40+ minute podcasts each week. With such a prolific output, I just can’t keep up!

I will confess that I skip some episodes simply because I’m not in to the particular artist or artists being featured. That is not, however, a Bad Thing. In fact, I would call it a good thing for you, my reader. It means that Brian does a good job of “covering” various styles and genres of music — virtually guaranteeing you will be able to find an episode you really dig.

As I write this, I’m listening to episode #553! I encourage you to search through this extensive catalog — every single episode is still available.

Podcast Favorites: Two for one: Astronomy Cast and Slacker Astronomy

I started out listening to Slacker Astronomy, an excellent podcast which gives an entertaining presentation of some of the latest news and events in astronomy. When one of the main characters, Dr. Pamela Gay moved on, however, I had a tough decision to make with my limited podcast listening time.

I ended up subscribing to Astronomy Cast because it mixes in the fundamental concepts of astronomy with some of the latest developments and still maintains a light attitude that makes it an enjoyable listen.

Astronomy Cast is a good place to start if you are new to the topic. Over time, as I learn more from Astronomy Cast, I may “graduate” back to Slacker Astronomy for more up to the minute news.

Then again, maybe I should drop one of my other podcasts so I can listen to both of these. . .

P.S. The most recent (as of this writing) episode of Astronomy Cast The Moon: Part 2 was full of information about the exploration of our nearest celestial neighbor. My favorite link was to the recent Selene mission conducted by JAXA, the Japanese space program. They have a lot of high-definition photos which make great desktop backgrounds for your computer!

Podcast Favorites: Linux Outlaws

Even when I get a back log of podcasts and have to decide which ones to delete, every episode of this podcast stays in the queue.

Dan and Fab have a solid format wherein they cover new releases of Open Source software (mostly Linux distros), recent tech news headlines (including Microwatch), in depth Linux distro reviews and listener feedback (with Dan’s hilarious attempts at various accents from around the world).

Dan and Fab have a great rapport which makes every episode a fun listen that is also full of good content. If you want to keep on top of what’s going on with Linux and Open Source software, download a couple of episodes and give Linux Outlaws a try.