QuadCopter Build 2013: Gold from China!

As part of my involvement with the local Maker Space, I’m endeavoring to build a quad-rotor, radio-controlled flying machine based off of the parts list and general direction of the Odd Copter project.

Please visit the Area 515 Wiki page for my Quad Copter Build for current progress. The following are some teaser scans I made of the envelope and its contents for a set of 5 bullet connectors from China. I find it hard to imagine they made any profit on this transaction. For a whopping $1.99 US, these tiny little things were shipped from the precise location indicated on the envelope (thank you, Mr. Zhong Hao) to my abode in Iowa, US of A.

It is, indeed, a small, small, world after all.




Des Moines Flickr Friend Photowalk 5 January 2013

First photowalk of the new year! I walked along with the Des Moines Flickr Friend Photowalk Group, with about 30 people showing. I set myself two challenges for this walk:

  1. No Chimping!
  2. No Color!

I was successful at keeping myself from chimping (looking at the photo on the camera screen right after taking it). In fact, I didn’t see any of my photos until I popped the CF card into my computer at home. While I did not use the monochrome setting on the camera, I did post-process all of my images in black and white.

As always, please Share and Enjoy! Here is the Photo Set page on Flickr, or you can click on any of the following images to go direct to it.


Launch Together



Not dressed for the weather

Don't Mind Me. . .

Gig Stickers

Des Moines Farmers Market, 29 September 2012

Took a stroll around the Des Moines Farmers Market this morning and grabbed a few shots here and there.

As always, please visit my Flickr Set for more photos or click on each below to go directly to it on Flickr. Please share and enjoy these photos, and remember that they are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share Alike (BY-NC-SA) license

Bug having a meal