VMworld 2012: Sunday SFO Street and WUPaaS Candids

Another set of photos from San Francisco. Opening day for VMworld 2012 had registration start at 11 AM and the Hands On Labs start at the same time. After waiting in line for the HOL most of the afternoon I finally gave up, grabbed a very late lunch, and took some time to walk around for a little street photography. After that I headed over to the VMUnderground Warm Up Party as a Service (WUPaaS) lugging my camera along to get some candid shots from the party.

As always, please visit my Flickr Set or click on each photo below to go directly to it on Flickr. Please share and enjoy these photos, and remember that they are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share Alike (BY-NC-SA) license.

Doing things a little differently for this post. These are small versions, and I’ve posted the entire set below. Click on a photo to bring up the larger versions from my Flickr page.


Interesting Character Keeping Watch

Multiple Lives
Portal Valuable Plastic
vmware WuPaaS Candid 01
WuPaaS Candid 02 WuPaaS Candid 03
WuPaaS Candid 04 WuPaaS Candid 05
WuPaaS Candid 06 WuPaaS Candid 07
WuPaaS Candid 08 WuPaaS Candid 09
WuPaaS Candid 10 WuPaaS Winners