New photos: First Snow in Pappajohn Sculpture Park!

I may have bragging rights on this. I saw a few other folks in the park taking photos with point-and-shoots, but none were there with an SLR. Hopefully, I’ve done it justice.

I’ve uploaded several versions of four different photos — including the un-retouched versions as they came from the camera for comparison.

Please enjoy! I will try to add more over the next week or so.

Better things coming soon. . .

I’ve got a couple of ideas boiling in my head, building up pressure. I’ll be letting them out on this site over the next month or so. In the mean time, here are some updates on older posts.

  • 420 Picture Of The Day# is up to 23 pics.
  • CIALUG meeting minutes for April are missing ‘cause there wasn’t much discussed.
  • For Good Places to Eat in the Des Moines Area add Daddy O’s to the list. Close to my home, and they have Yam Fries! Yummy!
  • Tip: Catching up on podcasts at 2x speed works, but only if you don’t get too far behind. Had to perform some triage on my back log of podcasts this week.
  • SomaFM donation required me to sign up again for PayPal. UGH. Guess that just shows how much I like SomaFM, right?

4:20 Picture of the Day (420POTD)

Short version:

  • I’ve set my phone alarm to go off every day at 4:20 PM Monday through Friday.
  • I’m going to try taking a picture at that time each day.
  • I’m going to upload those photos HERE.

Long version:

I wanted to set a daily alarm to alert me when the end of the business day was approaching. Since I have an aversion to round numbers/times (don’t ask), I did not want to set it for 4:15 PM or 4:30 PM. Therefore, the natural choice was “something in between”, and I happened to choose 4:20 PM. The primary reasoning was this would give me about 10 minutes to pack up my stuff and hit the door by 4:30 PM.

One day while surrounded by my co-workers, this alarm went off. One of my astute co-workers asked if I had to be somewhere and pointed out the significance of 4:20 PM to a certain cultural group. We had a laugh, because I had certainly not intended to make that statement with my alarm!

So what do I do? Change the alarm? Take up a new bad habit? No way! Inspired by the connotation associated with that time of day and remembering a plot point from the movie Smoke, I decided to take a photo each time that alarm goes off and upload it to my Picasa Web account.

The photos will probably be crap at first, but I hope to improve my composition over time. I may try to get creative and seek to capture something unusual or striking about my location each time, or I may just pull the phone out and simply snap what is right in front of me. Either way, enjoy!

P.S. And yes, I do realize this will probably attract a lot of stoners to my site. Maybe they will be inspired to make their own 420POTD albums? Hilarity Ensues if they do. . .

New site logo!

Now, before the copyright police get all excited, let me explain.

The logo appears to be an edited version of a famous artist’s original drawing. I assure you, no copyright violation has taken place here.

In fact, this is an edited version of an original photo taken by me:

This photo was taken in an alleyway in the city of Vancouver, BC. The photo is of a graffiti artist’s rendering of said famous original drawing. As the photographer, I hold copyright to this image, but not that one.