Ceramic Sushi and Saturday Lunch

I’ll start off with the Ceramic Sushi. Saturday Lunch wasn’t very exciting so it is at the end. Be sure to visit the Flickr set for more photos. You can also click on the photos below for larger versions on Flickr.

I bought this cute little ceramic koi for my wife in Japantown, San Francisco during our last trip there. She was busy at a conference while I explored the city.

Bamboo with Ceramic Koi
Ceramic Koi

I picked our bamboo cutting board as the base. We also have some bamboo chopsticks. Hmm, fish, bamboo, chopsticks. Anyone for some Ceramic Sushi?

Ceramic Koi in Chopsticks
Ceramic Sushi can’t swim away, but it isn’t very tasty either

There is wonderful detail on this hand painted piece. Here’s a close up.

Ceramic Koi Close Up
Koi Klose-up

In these last couple of Koi photos, I used Gimp to try to simulate a grainy photo texture which you could get on film cameras by “pushing” the film exposure. I think they turned out pretty good. You will need to click through to Flickr to appreciate the effect.

Grainy Ceramic Koi on Bamboo
Don’t push me too much

Ceramic Sushi Now With Grain
Pushing with color

And now, What’s For Lunch? Chicken nuggets and barbecue sauce, of course!

What is for lunch today
Mmmm, chicken nuggets

Don’t forget desert. Home made Chocolate Cake!

After Lunch Cake
Lori made this. Once she makes her blog public, maybe I can link to it.

Like I said, lunch wasn’t terribly exciting. Hopefully by now you’ve gotten bored and have clicked on to better things than my little blog.